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14/01/2022       COVID-19 Vaccination Update

There has been a lot of confusion lately about the vaccination requirements and proof of vaccination in WA, and which rules exactly apply to which venues, including our Club.

Based on the latest health advice of the WA Government, issued on Thurs, 13 January 2022, proof of vaccination requirements will now be expanded from Monday, January 31, to apply to venues and events State-wide, and also include new higher-risk venues including clubs.

What does that mean for the Rhein-Donau Club?

Essentially that double dose proof of vaccination for those aged 16 and older will be required to enter the Club.

Members and their guests will be required to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination, either in a digital or paper-based form, along with approved identification if not using the ServiceWA app.

The Rhein-Donau Club, staff and patrons/members will have a shared responsibility when it comes to proof of vaccination, with venues required to take reasonable steps to ensure all patrons are double dose vaccinated, or exempt.

Please find below a vaccination guide from the Government of WA and also a document on what counts as acceptable form of proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status (or medical exemption), along with identification where required.

17/01/2022       COVID-19 Masks mandatory

To be in compliance with the WA Governments announcement from Sunday, 16th January, masks must now be worn in all indoor areas of the Club and outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained. 

For clarification - anybody who wants to enter the Club facilities (members and non-members/guests) must now wear a mask.  The mask must be worn when you ordering drinks at the bar.  It is only admissible to take the mask off for the consumption of food or drinks. It must be put back on when finished with eating or drinking.

As usual, all members and patrons of our Club are also required to sign in with the SafeWA app or sign in manually on the paper register in the entry area when entering the Club.

If you are not well or are waiting for some COVID-19 test results, please stay at home and keep others safe.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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